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Check out our most recent issue: http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/ . The issue contains some wonderful examples of how Web 2.0 technologies are being integrated into the classroom. This issue focuses around the concept of story telling. Better yet, every editor would love to collaborate or simply help some other teacher get going on a project similar to theirs. We are reaching out to others and want to help flatten the K-12 ed tech world. Get in touch with us to share your wonderful projects.

We are striving to provide a voice to the many teachers and schools that are doing exemplary work using technology with their students.

Projects in this Issue:

*Explorations: The Age of Discovery – What made the early explorers risk their lives to find out about the unknown? In this project for grades 4-7, researchers will become virtual museum docents, guiding viewers through the trials and triumphs of early explorers by adding markers and map routes in Google Earth or Google Maps. Markers will include a drawing of the explorer and a link to a vodcast or podcast. Classes are invited to participate in this project; focus may be on early explorers or present day explorers of the sky, land, sea, and ideas! Contact project coordinator, Karen Kliegman, kkliegman@herricks.org

*Compounds ExplainedThe purpose of this project is for students to gain a deeper understanding about chemical bonding creating a screencast, a short video tutorial, about how their compound bonds and is used in real life. Using this for formative and summative assessment gives evidence of the student’s comprehension and analytical thinking about abstract concepts such as atomic structure and function. Contact Teacher Editor, Joselyn J. Todd, Ph. D. Cary Academy, Cary, NC

*”Get Off My Back!” is an online collaborative math project for middle school students around the globe. The focus of this project is to explore the affects that heavy backpacks have on the growth and development of student posture and to identify safe backpack weights. This project will join students from other places in a common investigation about backpack safety while studying about statistics, graphing, percentage and ratio. Project participants will complete the project activity and submit their data, which will be posted on the project web site. The collective data will provide a larger sample group from which to make observations and draw conclusions. Those interested in joining “Get Off My Back!” should Contact Project Coordinator, Brenda Dyck, dyckba@shaw.ca, by June 30th, 2008.

*If Stones Could Speak – The Chicago Tribune Tower has more than 100 famous stones, including a moon rock, rock fragments from the Alamo, the Coliseum, and the Great Wall of China. There are stones from all 50 US states and many countries. Participants in this project will reserve “check out” rock fragments and will create projects that share, through the stone’s point of view, the historical importance surrounding the time period that it represents. Projects are created in a digital essay format. Teachers can submit quality student work in the form of documents, presentations, podcasts/vodcasts, movies, etc. The student-created work on this website can be great resources for student learning. Contact Teacher-Editor: Glenn Gurley, glenngurley@gmail.com



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