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It’s Election Time! (As if you had not noticed :)) September 14, 2008

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology.

It’s Election Time, and Karen Kleigman, one of the Midlink Editors, the  library media/educational technology specialist and webmaster at Searingtown School, has hit it right with a terrific project entitled, Meet the Candidates. This is a “must see” project on elections that is collaborative and focused on multiple intelligences.  The Frapper Map alone on the entry page to the project is fascinating as it shows all of the schools that are participating in the project.

In the project (the deadline has passed for getting involved), there is a lot that could be modeled in a Web 2.0 classroom). Participation involves setting up a classroom wiki that is composed of three separate class groups: a Policy Research Team, a Marketing Research Team, and a Public Awareness Research Team.  These teams explore the issues from both the Democratic and Republican point of view by creating podcasts, vodcasts, voicethreads, etc. that are embedded in the wiki.  After building an extensive repository of candidate information through multimedia and text on these issues, on election day the collaborating schools vote on their respective candidates and then send their votes to “Election Central”. There will also be an Election Day Rally to explore each others wikis.

How could you adapt this project for your classroom?  What aspects of the project might you change for your specific classroom or school technology resources? How do you feel the project could be improved? What issues do you see regarding covering political issues in a school setting?  I am sure that Karen would love your input! (kkliegman@herricks.org)



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