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Great New Tools for Screencasting…Video in the Classroom October 28, 2007

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology, screencast.


I’ve been exploring some new tools in my classroom with my students with amazing results. The technology is called “screencasting” and basically the tools capture the movements of the mouse on the screen along with the images (websites, drawings, etc.) on the computer screen. While this occurs, a student’s (or teacher’s) comments are captured through the microphone of the computer or through a inexpensive microphone plugged into the microphone jack on the computer (a $7 microphone produces much better sound quality).

The end result is a video that can be used to demonstrate a topic, explain a website, analyze a concept through a applet, etc. I have used screencasting for my own purposes for my students for several years now as they can be used as a very effective teaching tool, especially if one incorporates questions or requires students to produce a product through the video. In my mind, the interactivity portion is often missing in the screencasts that are currently being developed by instructors as they are a time-shifting resource. This means that they can be viewed at any time and can be paused. This allows students to work at their own pace and also allows for instructors to ask the students to reflect, write, produce, etc. a product while watching or pausing the video.

My former blog entry included a screencast from a student in one of my classes. I am finding it to be an incredible tool as I seek to formatively and/or summatively assess my students in a Web 2.0 world. Moreover, THEY LOVE PRODUCING VIDEOS! Like anything, it is not a tool for all occasions, but it is a powerhouse in terms of revealing true knowledge.

Here is include a short screencast to demonstrate how I might use Jing in my science class with my 7th graders. Click on the image below…


To create a screencast on your mac or PC you have multiple options for software. You can use online resources or stand alone software on your PC.

Mac Options for Stand Alone Software: IShowU (very inexpensive) or Snapz Pro X for use along with the free iMovie or a higher end video editor like Final Cut Pro

PC Options for Stand Alone Software: the killer application of the screencast world- Camtasia, Camstudio (Open source and Free), or Windows Media Encoder (Free with Win OSs) for use for Windows Movie Maker or a higher end video editor like Adobe Premiere Elements).

Mac and PC options that are Internet based: Screencast-o-Matic

A new free application at the moment form the makers of Camtasia, and it is cross platform: Jing!

Let’s generate some conversation about how this can be used as a value added assessment or project tool…



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