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Keep Your Eye Out For FedEx :) June 13, 2007

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology.

This morning I was listening to a podcast by Anne Davis from last year’s K-12 Online Conference entitled, “Remixing Obstacles into Opportunities”. It is a great podcast and really reflects Anne’s deep commitment to helping the educational community join forces to make change in what has become an increasingly broken public school education system. You can still access all of the presentations via the 2006 K-12 Online Conference feeds: http://podchains.net/feed.php?id=02a2602d1c701317ed9e85a325257808 and http://podchains.net/feed.php?id=3898426cb783156a42021b79bc79e644 . (Just enter these URLs into iTunes after choosing “Advanced” > “Subscribe to Podcast” in the tool bar. Anne’s keynote is in the second feed.) These two podcast feeds provide wonderful sources of on demand professional development (these are today’s resources for the blog post)!

Anne’s podcast particularly touched me as I was reminded that I am so fortunate to be at a school where their isn’t high stakes testing, where administration understands the importance of digital literacy, where I have colleagues that support me in my crazy ed tech adventures, etc. I am so lucky.

The ability to be intellectually creative in my teaching is what keeps me alive in the classroom- and technology is a big part of this. This is all the more reason that I must take what I am learning regarding ed tech and do what I can to help others see that there are opportunities in obstacles no matter what their situation regarding their efforts to promote technology in their schools. I truly believe that even in the worst of educational conditions that each of us can make a difference- even under the national, state, and local restrictions that make teaching more challenging than ever. As I said to a group of NC State Senators in a presentation last week, “If I could give one piece of technology that would make a world of difference in the lives of NC teachers, it would be to give each of them their OWN personal laptop connected up to their OWN data projector with an Internet connection.” Now if I would just win the lottery 🙂 . Educators unite- choose one obstacle in your own situation and turn it into an opportunity! Meanwhile, keep your eye out for FedEx in case I really do win big!



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