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What is in store for the Department of Education Budget in 2008?- A must see… June 12, 2007

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology.


On the road again…no, I meant on the blog again :). The school term is nearly out, and I will finally have some much needed reflection and professional development time on my hands. So, this morning I start with something different. Something that is going on while so many of us intend to use our summer learning new Web 2.0 tools. It is a VERY interesting look at the proposed 2008 Federal Budget by President Bush. This initial budget will be modified by congress and hopefully ratified in October after much debate. Check this out: http://www.thebudgetgraph.com/poster/.

This is a very clever visual representation. I think that the overused cliche “a picture says a thousand words” really does apply here. Shift/control to zoom in to take a look at what that big blue circle on the left is. Next pan over to the upper right and take a look at the Department of Education breakout. Finally, peruse down to the lower right where the poster says “Total Budget”. This breakout suggests that President Bush is asking for 717 billion dollars for the Military and National Security in 2008. Meanwhile, this initial budget provides all of the other departments of the government 358 billion dollars (the US Dept. of Education falls here with 56 billion dollars). Overall this translates in percentages to a 11% increase in spending for Defense and a 1% decrease in spending on everything else. Meanwhile, we will spend 261 billion dollars on national debt interest, and the federal deficit will grow another 239 billion dollars. I guess on the brighter side of things, K-12 Education will receive a 7% increase in funding. Unfortunately, Higher Ed. will lose 6% under the proposed budget.

This poster would make an excellent talking point in a civics or US government class. It could also be incorporated into a math class. If you are a teacher who is out of school for summer break, this might be a great page to bookmark for the fall. Maybe you could have your students create a multimedia wiki describing the functions of the different departments of the federal government or even create podcasts describing departments of the federal government and then ask listeners to guess which department is being described. Math teachers- ask your students to create a National Budget digital story that incorporates pie chart or bar graphs to describe this poster. The possibilities are nearly endless.  Have some ideas?  Comment on this blog entry. Let the summer begin…

Note that any opinions explicitly expressed or implied in this blog entry are only the opinions of the author of this blog- not those of MidLink or any other MidLink editor.

Bachman, Jess. “Death and Taxes: 2008.” http://www.thebudgetgraph.com. 17 April 2007. 12 Jun 2007 <http://www.thebudgetgraph.com/poster/&gt;.



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