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Podcasting…Coming of Age…Check Out These Podcasts May 2, 2007

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology.

Podcasting is no longer a “new” Web 2.0 technology, but it is definitely coming of age. I thought that today I might pass along to you some ed tech podcasts that I often listen to while walking my dogs, gardening, etc. I call my iPod my personal professional development coach. These podcasts can be subscribed to using iTunes. In iTunes simply go to “advanced” in the menu bar and choose “subscribe to podcast”. Paste the RSS feed address provided below into the dialogue box.  If you need help with this process I have a webpage that describes the process.

I used the screening criteria that the RSS feeds are currently being maintained and new podcasts are being added regularly. The listing is not inclusive and if you have a ed tech podcast that you enjoy, please feel free to comment to this post and pass it along… These are strictly ed tech podcasts, and I will post some of my purely tech podcasts tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Connect Learning– David Warlick


Ed Tech Talkwww.edtechtalk.com


Podcast For Teachers– Dr. Kathy King and Mark Gura, Fordham University


Teachers Teaching Teachers– Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Susan Ettenheim, and Thomas Locke


Women of Web 2.0– Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters, and Jennifer Wagner




1. Laura B. Fogle - May 4, 2007


Thanks for this great list. I had not heard of some of these. I currently listen to podcasts on my computer – got to get an iPod so I can take my staff development on walks.

Here is one more to add to your list. Wes Fryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity. He is a blogger for TechLearning, former teacher who currently works for AT&T in education outreach.

I hope you will be telling us how to add YouTube video to wikis in a future blog.


2. Cheryl Oakes - July 13, 2007

thanks for spreading the word.
Cheryl Oakes
Women of Web 2.0

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