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The Jan-June 2007 Edition of MidLink has been published! Read all about it! January 16, 2007

Posted by Joselyn Todd in Educational Technology.

MidLink ImageThis morning I got my first chance to see the newest edition of MidLink Magazine. I think it is a wonderful representation of a variety of valuable student projects. The edition, named “Capturing Stories- Connecting Lives”, really touches on some timely, yet divergent topics such as hurricane preparedness, environmental awareness, cardiovascular disease, cultural heritage as told through stories, and narratives about important historical events.

What stikes me most about this issue is that every one of these projects really is an untold story that is now being told. The projects are representations of teacher facilitated, student projects that have been given a voice through MidLink Magazine. So often teachers conduct wonderful projects in their classrooms, but it stops there, and the project remains silent within 4 walls. As educators, it is the sharing of our untold classroom stories (projects) that can bring about change by providing a “spark” to other educators. Our stories can provide ideas, support, and guidance regarding how to conduct interesting, valuable student projects.

The editors of MidLink Magazine have provided just this- an edition of MidLink that provides a light to guide the way. Please take a look at these wonderful representations of student projects and feel free to contact the project editors. By sharing our stories regarding these classroom projects, we have provided a means to connect with each other so that greater numbers of students can benefit from these project ideas. Enjoy the newest editon of MidLink Magazine!



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